Is it worth staying at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco

I’m sad to say The Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, California has officially let my childhood dreams down.

Growing up I’d always hear the Sheraton name and think oooooo that’s a nice hotel. I’m not sure entirely why but I remember hearing someone in my family say that Sheratons are premium, pricey and ONLY for special occassions.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve become a different person though. Enjoying luxurious hotels and fine dining by using travel perks and deals tailored to me. However, finding stunning deals in San Francisco last minute is nearly impossible.

Which leads me to how I found the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf.

$300+ a night for an average hotel is absurd. I know its the Bay Area but I still refuse to pay that much. My Bonvoy points came in no help either as it’s all Category 6+ making it no where near worth the 60,000 points.

With my main options for deals out of the picture I continued to dig through the world wide web searching for any Hilton or Marriott hotel in the area. I say Hilton and Marriott because that’s where I have good benefits with my Platinum Card.

I finally came across the Sheraton on American Express Travel. With a one night last minute savings of $128 I was able to get the room for less than $200 after taxes and fee’s. Not too bad as all my other options were in the $360 range. So there’s one plus, the cost.

My room for the night. Due to me booking third party they wouldn't honor my gold status and upgrade my room even though they had availability to do so.

After dropping my luggage off in my room I setoff for dinner. The hotel ‘gives’ you $15 to the restaurant in the lobby as part of their daily fee’s so that’s what I opted for. (The $15 is a joke. It’s really only $11.58 because of taxes so major rip off)

As for the dining experience the Northport is no restaurant. It’s a hotel lobby with some tables, chairs and a bar. Nothing too crazy. And nor was the food…

My meal from the Northport. A tasteless salmon with some decorative green things that make your mind think there's flavor

I ordered a salmon as I have a weakness for some delicious fish and figured it’d be fresh and tasty being on the wharf. Wrong. The thing tasted like it came straight from the freezer and plopped in the microwave. The only flavor there was happened to be from the fresh lemon I sqouze on itl. No salt, no pepper, no seasoning just straight non-fresh fish.

After the extreme disappointment in the dinner I decided to go sit outside around the fire pits the Sheraton has for guests. Through the window they looked nice and cozy with lots of potential. As I walked outside with my drink I just happened to find myself watching a homeless man sleeping on the couch across from me while some other guys were smoking joints at the next fire pit area over. I’m sure that was just the feel Sheraton was going for.

My homeless pal by the fire

After feeling uncomfortable after nearly seconds of sitting down I decided it was time for a shower and to go to bed so I could get an early morning start.

I started the shower and 30 seconds in I noticed I was taking an unintentional bath. You guessed it, the water doesn’t drain. I twisted out the whole stopper plug and still no drainage. The Sheraton quickly struck out according to my books and it hasn’t even been more than a few hours into my stay.

My shower turned bathtub. Notice the full stopper plug in the left corner

Disappointed in the daily fee’s, the dining, outdoor fireplaces and now bathroom it was time for me to just go to bed and forget about the experience. The strikes just kept coming though. Laying there in the dark I could hear the entire conversations of each room next to me. So well in fact I think the people could have heard each other through my room.

Waking up early to the people getting ready in the rooms next to me I took a look at what was included in the daily fee’s and noticed bike rental. What a great way to spend the morning in San Francisco!

I walked down to the lounge and inquired about the availability of bikes and learned that it is in fact an additional $27 for the bikes. This place just can’t get anything right.

My favorite mode of transportation throughout San Francisco. The Scoot Kick

Luckily I’ve been to SFO plenty of times before and knowing my action thrilled self I rented a Scoot Kick. I was able to take it anywhere and everywhere. The base of the golden gate bridge. Through the city and all sorts of other fun places to take photos.

That was the one and only good thing about the trip. I guess you get what you pay for.

As I left the hotel turning my keys into the front desk I thought to myself was it worth the saving of $150. Probably as I’m currently on a budget but in the future I know not to ever stay at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf again.

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